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Case Studies

Annette McKinley
Annette is a plant ecologist with research, survey and management experience in a broad range of New South Wales environments.  She has post-graduate qualifications majoring in salt marsh ecology and experience working in a wide range of coastal environments with a particular interest in rainforest ecology.   Annette worked as a consultant and co-director of Landmark Ecological Services for over twenty years and as a Threatened Species Officer in the Department of Environment and Conservation (formerly the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service) in the Conservation Programs and Planning Division at Coffs Harbour.   She has extensive experience in the preparation and review of threatened species assessments, including Species Impact Statements, Environmental Impact Statements and conservation assessments.  She has co-authored a number of Threatened Species Recovery Plan.

Hugh Nicholson
David is a wildlife ecologist with extensive field experience in eastern Australia. He has worked for the past 35 years for Government authorities and as a private consultant in four States, specialising in forest and woodland ecosystems and concentrating on endangered vertebrate species. He is particularly interested in the large forest owls and their potential as indicator species, and also in specialised rainforest species. In the past he has conducted research principally on birds and bird communities in a range of environments, including terrestrial, estuarine and marine ecosystems. However, he is also widely experienced with other animal groups, including estuarine invertebrates, fishes, frogs, reptiles and mammals and has worked as a member of multi-disciplinary groups and as a leader of vertebrate survey teams. He has had long involvement in developing methods for surveying birds and assessing impacts of forestry operations on vertebrate fauna. He has had considerable experience in investigating the flora and fauna values of areas subject to impacts of a variety of other land uses, particularly in relation to the preparation and review of EISs. He has experience in developing government policy and standards on endangered fauna and in auditing regulations and prescriptions. He has lectured on ecology at a tertiary institution and published the results of his research widely in scientific and popular journals and books on the Australian environment. He has given numerous public lectures, provided ecological advice to government and non-government organisations and appeared as an expert witness on fauna in cases before the Land and Environment Court of NSW and various public commissions of inquiry. His photographs, drawings and paintings have been used to illustrate papers, articles and chapters in a range of publications dealing with the Australian environment.

David was a Director of Landmark 1996 to 2005. He was employed as an ecologist with Byron Shire Council from 2005 to 2007 and returned to Landmark in January 2008.

Barbara Stewart
Barbara is a plant ecologist with research, survey and management experience in a range of Australian and overseas environments.  She has worked for more than twenty years as a consultant and co-director of Landmark Ecological Services. She has also worked as a University lecturer and undertaken community conservation work in Central America.  Her postgraduate and postdoctoral research in the field of seed and seedling ecology in subtropical rainforest complemented a long-standing interest and involvement in rainforest reforestation and rehabilitation.  Particular interests include the mechanisms of seed dormancy, the ecology and management of rainforest ecosystems, rare or threatened species and orchid biology.  She has experience in the preparation of EISs and SISs, vegetation survey and conservation assessment, and has co-authored a number of Threatened Species Recovery Plans.